There were at least two places where the aspect ratio changed from shot to shot on the week one version of this reel, and so I fixed those. I also tweaked the sync so the music and the transition from one clip to the next were tighter.

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Title:  Dan Dillard Cinematography Reel 2017

Job Title/Role:  Cinematographer/Director

Location:  Bloomington, Indiana

Description:   These clips represent some B-roll including my dog, my kids playing with fireworks and skateboarding. There is also some footage captured at the county fair from August 2016 and randomly captured footage in and around my house including slow motion footage of my pet hummingbirds (not really pets, but they come back every year). I have also included clips from some short films I made for Full Sail courses entitled Flies, Wrong Number and the documentary Mad Artist Lydia, as well as bits from my first short film, Anderson Wake. The music is courtesy of Kevin McLeod’s and is credited.