I Want to be a Devil’s Reject

This film really affected me. I think because of its gritty nature. Rob Zombie, love him or hate him, doesn’t sugar coat things. His characters are dark, slimy–you can almost smell the liquor and the sweat. I think this is his best film and it’s all because no matter how outrageous the characters are, the audience believes they exist, their grindhouse world exists, their mayhem exists. Captain Spaulding, Mother Firefly, and Otis are real, deadly and terrifying. And above all else, as crazy as they are, the Firefly family is a family and they stick by each other, even to the death. No, this film isn’t for everyone, but anyone who enjoys grindhouse, horror, thrillers, or even just wants a jolt in an otherwise boring week, The Devil’s Rejects might just be the cure for what ails you.

Captain Spaulding explains top secret clown business.
Otis and Baby, here to do the Devil’s work.