Dan Dilladan_241rd will celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary this year and has watched one daughter graduate high school with another hot on her heels. He is the author of half a dozen horror novels and a few hundred short stories and he loves to scare people. Halloween is his favorite time of year and not just for the candy.

As a kid, he fell in love with film. As a teen, he decided he wanted to make movies and bought his first video camera—the big one that used VHS tapes—and at the age of 38, he decided to follow that dream of making movies and began writing screenplays and playing with digital cameras. At 42, he went back to school and learn cinematography—an old dog with new tricks.

By 44, he is ready to graduate and has traded novels and short stories for short films (although he still has more stories in there!). He shares his love for film with his family and they are kind enough to put up with him and help out a lot with productions. His first serious short film, Anderson Wake, wrapped in January 2017. Look for many more in the future.